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Experts With Extensive Tree Root Removal Experience

Removing a tree was half the battle, and just because the tree is history doesn’t mean the roots are. Roots continue to grow and cause destruction, albeit at a glacial pace, to nearby sewer lines, foundations and driveways. As experienced arborists, we’ve undertaken dozens of root tree removal requests for homeowners with unsightly roots and those concerned about visible roots bringing down their property value. Leave the root tree removal to our tree surgeons if your roots insist on beleaguering you.

Understanding Your Tree Root System

You may be dealing with roots on the surface or underground level; either way, roots can be an inconvenience. Growing up to 20 feet long in ideal soil—in many cases farther—roots have the power of causing damage and safety hazards. We help clients understand the nature of their tree’s root system to keep them safe.

  • Tree roots can be exposed on the surface level of the ground due to aging and natural soil erosion
  • Roots can grow under foundation and concrete with the potential of raising and cracking the surface level
  • Roots can still grow even after a tree has been cut
  • Tree roots can damage underground pipes and pose a safety hazard

Taylorsville Tree Care, LLC offers a safe and professional root tree removal that won’t damage your trees. To protect your Hiddenite property, hire our North Carolina tree surgeons, who’re equipped with cutting-edge equipment and reliable solutions to perform your service. If you’d prefer your tree’s roots removed to make lawn care more manageable and to minimize the threat of accidents on your property, then entrust us for the job. Call for a professional tree root removal service to protect your trees from diseased roots that demand an intervention.

Excellent work removing trees from our property. Wonderful family. Very personable. Above quality work. Fair pricing. On time. Stump grinder was excellent.  Cleaned up everything.  Good communication with us. Their son spent 2 hours working at getting the biggest tree down.  We call him fearless.  If you’re looking for all the above call this family company Taylorsville Tree Care!

- Colleen Martyn

Brandon and his crew (family) spent the better part of 3 days doing some much needed tree work in my yard. Brandon is extremely knowledgeable in his craft and truly cares about his work. They removed 5 trees and pruned the remaining trees. We have a lot of trees and they are all large trees.  My yard looks so much better!  His work really opens my yard up.  I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.

- Brandy Blevins

Great company!
Brandon came as promised with his wife and 2 sons and daughter.
I was highly impressed with the work that was done by all but especially the 2 young sons. Removed a very large tree close to my house. Cleaned up completely, and you wouldn’t even know a tree had been there or that any work had been done. I would highly recommend Taylorsville Tree Care and will be using them in the future!

- John Wolfe

We had a huge 75′ native Red maple tree removed on Monday July 6, 2020.This tree had a split trunk and potentially threatened our home and our neighbor’s house as well. Brandon, Amber and their sons are quite the team. They have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to handle both big and small jobs. In our case, not only did they need to work in tight space but they protected our nearby Hemlock trees and other nearby plantings. If you’re not impressed enough with the expertise, you’ll be impressed with the clean up they provide. We will certainly refer them and call on them again for future tree care. Hickory, N.C

- Alan Straight

Yesterday, Taylorsville Tree Care removed a dead tree from my property and trimmed all of the trees in my yard as needed.  Brandon Killian and his family do exceptional work!  When the job is done, they leave the work site clean and tidy.  I will definitely use this business again for maintaining the health and beauty of my trees.

- Kay Gregory

Brandon returned my call the same day, gave us a very reasonable estimate the next day, and took down the trees 2 weeks later. Brandon and family showed on time even after a late night emergency call. They  exceeded our expectations with their quick, clean, and  professional work.
We highly recommend Taylorsville Tree Care and will definitely be calling them again when we’re ready to remove more trees.

- Kylie Laastad

We had 1 tree removed. They did a great job. Cleaning up was amazing, not one leaf or branch was left behind. I would highly recommend their services.

- Donna Odasz

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